The Escape

by fortytwo6x7

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Spies and traitors did infiltrate

the castle wall and then create

a fire intended to consume

the new born king afore he bloom


As the fire was being fought

mercenaries the rabble bought

were ushered through a open door

they numbered thousands and then more


In the sight of the blood lust

only one warrior could the king trust

to take the heir and make escape

so in adulthood the throne he could retake


He took the baby in his arms

and wrapped around him golden charms

then a mantra he did repeat

death my child you must defeat


The infiltrators swarmed into the keep

through the rooms they seemed to seep

the hordes were baying down below

as the king stepped onto the window


He threw the child into the night

then came a lion winged for flight

its talons griped the golden chain

the heir’s protector so arcane


A sight that no one would forget

the griffin came here to protect

the child of whom it was foretold

would bring honour to the God’s of old


Forty Two

© Forty Two, all rights reserved.

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